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Nutrition Program Fuels Lowndes Football

Football camp for the Lowndes Vikings is now in full swing. The team reported Tuesday morning, which is the first day allowed by the GHSA. Camp will continue for five days – ending with the last practice Saturday night August 5. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday consist of two a day practices with the players arriving at 11:00 AM and the last practice ending at 9:00 PM. Wednesday and Friday are one a day with the players resting until 4:00 PM and the last practice ending at 9:00 PM.

Camp is being held at Lowndes High in the field house, stadium, and surrounding practice fields. All meals are being prepared and served out of the kitchen/concession stand in the stadium. While the Viking Touchdown Club provides the funding for camp it is the hard work of the Breakfast Moms that makes it a success. The Viking Breakfast Crew moms are preparing and serving the first meal each day. According to the program, there is not enough praise for the job these ladies are doing. They have worked tirelessly since January and their hard work has made the Viking Breakfast Club and Nutritional Program a huge success.

The second meal of each day is being prepared and served by area churches. Four churches have taken a meal each on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The program is indebted to these churches and their members for their generous help and donation in providing one of the camp’s main meals each day.

Coach McPherson, the coaches, Touchdown Club, and players are grateful for the generosity of these churches. They are:

Redland Baptist Church – Rev. Jay Watkins, Pastor

Corinth Baptist Church – Dr. Henry Cannington, Pastor

First Baptist Church of Hahira – Rev. David Gordon, Pastor

Abundant Life Church of God – Rev. Wayne Hughes, Pastor

Mike Broadwater, Association Minister with the Valdosta Baptist Association, is coordinating and overseeing the feeding programs provided by the area churches.

The Touchdown Club members are serving the last meal of the evening with help from local restaurants. The players will enjoy Outback hamburgers Monday night, Papa John’s Pizza Wednesday night, and will end camp with their favorite Bojangles chicken box on Saturday night.

Head Coach Randy McPherson, Head Mama Tania Gordon-Murdaugh, TD Club President Bruce Hayden, and Mike Broadwater thank all members of the community that are making the 2017 Viking Football Camp a success.

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